From March 7, 2018 to March 10, 2018

Uyuni and its salt falt


The schedule for the day: we get up early to make a maximum of kilometers without wind to reach Uyuni as easily as possible. Everything should work, the road is flat, even a little downhill, the ripio should be the same as yesterday, so impeccable and we have only 72km.

No luck, it has rained all night and the road is a pool of mud, its slippery and it sticks to the tires, we don't progress. At 9:30 we arrive at Ramaditas, the last hamlet before Uyuni, the wind is already rising and we are exhausted. We decide to take a bus to finish and rest in Uyuni after many days of effort.

We find a small, friendly and brand new hotel. The staff is helpful and the breakfast generous. We rest, go eat at the market of small cheap dishes, fruit and homemade ice creams.

We took an excursion to visit the train cemetery and the nearby salar. We would have liked to go by bike but in this season it's flooded. The train cemetery is great, it's nice to watch these steel giants so closely. The salar is very beautiful. This stretch of water and salt as far as the eye can see that merges with the sky. We played with the effects of reflection in the water all the afternoon until sunset. Tomorrow we leave for Potosi.