From June 4, 2018 to June 6, 2018



We arrive in Lima by bus. It's big, there are loads of traffic jams, cars everywhere, and really a lot of cars honking. In short, a little hell for cyclists and anyone who still has a functional hearing.

We arrive in the morning, and we reach a neighborhood north of the city center, to meet Migue, our Warmshower host. We do our shopping, then visit the city center: the big Plaza De Armas and its surroundings.

In the evening, we meet Leatitia, who begins a journey of several months in South America. We exchange the whole evening.

The next day we go with Migue and Laetitia in the neighborhood Miraflores by bike. Migue is at home, knows his city and goes very fast. Laetitia, to whom Migue lent a bike, discovers cycling in South America, and it's sporty! We arrive at our hotel, passing by the coast, and thus see the Pacific Ocean.

Our goal today is to find boxes to pack our bikes, our flight is tomorrow night. After some twists and a bit of stress, we find boxes and protective material. We spend the afternoon and the next morning packing the bikes. On June 6, the last day, we stay all day in a café, unable to move with our heavy luggage. We reach the airport in the evening with the dedicated bus, very convenient to avoid taxi scams. We have more than an hour to check in thanks to the bikes.

We enter the plane, it's one o'clock in the morning, and we fall asleep directly. We don't even feel the take off.