From Feb. 11, 2018 to Feb. 14, 2018

Humahuaca and its surroundings


We take advantage of our stop in Salta to do an excursion in the Humahuaca valley, about 200 km to the north. We take the "car" option and not the mini-bus to be more mobile and reach the mountain with 14 colors. There is a carnival for two days, a very important event here, which mixes indigenous traditions with the Christian religion.

We start in the morning with Purmamarca, a charming little tourist village, located at the foot of an impressive mountain. Then we continue with Humahuaca, the main city of the valley. We arrive during the preparations for the carnival that will take place this afternoon. We then climb to 4350 m of altitude, to see the mountain with 14 colors. Great disappointment, it's all gray and we see nothing. After ten minutes, the cloud vanishes and reveals a beautiful and unbelievable mountain, very colorful and beautiful. We go down into the valley, then go to Tilcara. There are some traffic jams. In Tilcara, it's already the evening and the carnival is fully on. We take the road after some empanadas in the belly. We are in big traffic jams and only reach 50km after three hours. We arrive at one o'clock in the morning, instead of 7pm as initially planned, but delighted to have seen this carnival and especially this beautiful mountain.