The Nov. 9, 2017

On the way to Torres del Paine


The arrival to the park is very beautiful, littered with views. We stop every 3/4 kilometres, which matches the end of each uphill, not bad.

We are quite surprised by the Chilean approach of the park. Everything is targeted for wealthy tourists. Pay to enter a national park, for conservation, why not, just not the French/Finnish way. But the atmosphere is to the one who will spend the most, all activities are overpriced. With our bicycles, after two days of pedalling without a shower on the track, we make very pale figures. We are not the only one to feel that way. Park guards are on strike. On the signs, "fewer concessions, more conservation" makes us think that they do their job well for the sake of nature and not to watch an amusement park for rich tourists.

This strike allows us to enter the park for free, the guards do not charge anyone. The park is really beautiful, it looks like a live postcard, no matter where you look. The Cuernos Principal is the most attractive, it's captivating.

We reach the camp site Pehoé, the only one on our road. It's not as expensive as we thought it would be, rather cosy, it's a good surprise. And the view is breathtaking.